Her Majesty’s Royal
Chapel of The Mohawks


A National Historic Site
Established 1785


Let the Chapel of the Mohawks Be Your Wedding Venue

Weddings are celebrated all year round at the Chapel. We welcome enquiries at any time. Please contact the Cultural Coordinator via the message address as given below.

Many weddings parties have chosen to have their pictures taken on the Chapel grounds. In summer, the setting is especially beautiful. Our lower level is equipped with a small kitchen and can be booked for small receptions for up to sixty people.

Of course, we are an accessible building. An elevator is installed to reach the lower level where accessible washrooms are also provided.

Please peruse the list below regarding the specifics of a wedding service. Feel free to contact the Cultural Coordinator for any clarification you may desire.

Standard Practices Regarding Weddings

The following are guidelines and specific requirements for couples wishing to be married at the Chapel Royal:

  • one of the engaged couple must have been baptized in any Christian church. If one of you needs to be baptized prior to the Wedding, and this is truly meaningful for that individual, the Chaplain would be pleased to arrange for the ceremony
  • a marriage license is required
  • you must meet with the Chaplain for marriage preparation or have completed marriage preparation with other qualified clergy or marriage consultant
  • a deposit of $350 must be paid on booking the date for the Wedding. The balance is paid 30 days before the wedding date. If you need to cancel your ceremony, the deposit will be forfeited. Alternatively, if you reschedule, the deposit will continue to apply.

The Ceremony

With regard to the ceremony, the following information explains the context of the service.

Her Majesty’s Royal Chapel of the Mohawks is an Anglican church. The service that will be used will be from one of the approved prayer books. Other customs may be added with the permission of the Chaplain and in consultation. It is important that we begin your ceremony as scheduled as there may be other weddings being conducted that day. Some slight delays are unavoidable but not helpful. If your ceremony is more than 45 minutes late in starting, it may have to be cancelled. It could be moved to later that day, depending on bookings.


Music creates a wonderful environment for the exchange of vows.

The Chapel organist is Mr. Barry Hill. He will be happy to consult with you about the music for your ceremony and make recommendations. You will have input on three key pieces of music, selections for the procession in, at the signing of the register and for the recession are required. Mr Hill plays for one half hour before the service while your guests arrive, during the service of course and after a further time until all guests have vacated the Chapel. The organists honorarium is included in your wedding fee.

If you do not consult with the organist, he will play traditional, classic wedding music. If you choose to bring in your own musicians or use taped music – as part of the Chapel package, the organist receives an honoraria regardless. Please consult with the Chaplain if you are bringing in your own music.

There are restrictions imposed on the Chapel by the Six Nations Elected Band Council regarding photography. Photos are NOT to be taken of the windows or any of the historical artifacts in the Chapel.

Photos of the procession in, the kiss, the signing of the register and of the procession out are allowed. Video-taping is permitted. Please ensure that your photographer speaks with the Chaplain before the service to review these rules. There are no restrictions on photography outside of the Chapel building.

Flowers are permitted. Arrangements can be made with florists for delivery when the Chapel is open. The Chapel is not a huge space so smaller arrangements or pots of flowers are more attractive. You may take your flowers away following the ceremony or leave them for the Chapel.

Flower petals are permitted but must be picked up by a member of the wedding party immediately following the ceremony. NO CONFETTI OR RICE.

You may decorate the ends of the pews. Hooks are provided. Do not tape anything to the wood surfaces. Use ribbon or florists’ wire. Please ensure that your decorations and any other accessories (e.g. unity candles) are removed from the Chapel following the ceremony. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY OF YOUR PROPERTY THAT IS LEFT BEHIND.

It is customary to have a rehearsal – usually the night before the ceremony. Please make arrangements with the Chaplain and ensure that as much of your wedding party is present at the rehearsal as possible.

If you have questions or concerns please contact the Cultural Coordinator at (519)758-5444 or jjamieson@mohawkchapel.ca.

The Decorated Alter for Thanksgiving


The reception room


The Bell


Historic plates on the table


We ring the bell at every wedding


Take your wedding pictures on the picturesque grounds



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