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Weddings are celebrated all year round at Mohawk Chapel. Mohawk Chapel is the perfect venue for brides and grooms looking to get married at a National Historic Site with picturesque surrounding grounds. From the beautiful historic building to the large shady property with many trees, there is no better place to have an elegant wedding with wonderful photography opportunities. Located in Brantford, The Chapel can hold 120 people, has both heat and air conditioning, is fully accessible with a wheelchair ramp and elevator, and has a full kitchen and reception area.
The Mohawk Chapel bell is rung after every service.

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Cultural Coordinator Tourism: (226) 387-2612


The Mohawk Chapel has touched the lives of countless individuals, from humble Mohawk lay readers who ministered to the people of Six Nations, to Queens and Princes, residential school children and worshippers from the Brantford area who have attended from the earliest days of settlement, to the present day. In the past, it connected us not only to the Church, but to the British Crown, where our people enjoyed the position of trusted ally, a position to which we adhere even onto this day.

The chapel is available for Christian baptismal services as well as celebration of life memorial services. Funerals can be arranged but no on-site internment is permitted. Details should be discussed with the Royal Chaplain.

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Six Nations is a vibrant Haudenosaunee community nestled along the Grand River, just outside of Brantford in the heart of Southern Ontario’s Golden Horseshoe. We’re home to a rich history, a tradition of peace, an oral tradition that emphasizes inclusion, and the largest patch of pristine, untouched Carolinian forests left in Canada. Our Grand River Territory offers uniquely rich experience unavailable elsewhere in Canada.

We’re a beautiful culmination of cultures— continuing our ceremonies and language an hour outside of Toronto, and between a handful of cities. Canoe the Grand River, hike the trails, explore the crafts and story of our people and our continued evolution since Europeans washed ashore hundreds of years ago.

We’re still here. And we invite you to come and find us.

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Six Nations Tourism

Step on Bus Tour – Take a guided step on bus tour of our community, make stops at local craft stores and view some of our historical sites and hear stories of our community and the rich history of our people.

For more information visit www.sixnationstourism.ca or call us at 519-758-5444.

Gathering Place by the Grand Event Centre

Modern and spacious, the Gathering Place By The Grand offers a large conference hall, three meeting rooms, and an elegant lobby. With state-of-the-art equipment and luxurious amenities, imagine what your next event could be at the Gathering Place.

For more information visit www.gatheringplacebythegrand.ca or call us at 519-753-1950 ext 6040.

Chiefswood National Historic Site

Take a guided tour through the birth home of the late poet E. Pauline Johnson, hear stories of her life and learn more about the place “where cultures meet”.

For more information visit www.sixnationstourism.ca or call us at 519-758-5444.

Woodland Cultural Centre

Take a virtual tour of the former residential school called the Mohawk Institute. Options of a guided or self-guided tour through the museum which offers the permanent historical gallery along with three temporary gallery spaces. The museum collects, preserves, researches, exhibits and interprets a collection of archaeological material, historical material, culture, arts, crafts, documents and archival photographs.

For more information visit www.woodlandculturalcentre.ca or call us at 519-759-2650.

Kanata Village

This is a cultural destination and centre for learning designed to highlight the rich and diverse cultures of the Six Nations/Onkwehon:we and other indigenous people of Turtle Island. Tour the 17th century Mohawk village and experience the rich cultural history of the Six Nations of the Grand River.

For more information visit kanatavillage.org or call us at 519-752-1229.

Our Sustenance

A community-based, social enterprise that offers different educational workshops about food, gardening, medicinal plants, self-care and more.

For more information visit www.oursustenance.ca or call us at 519-445-2011.


An ecological restoration and native plant and seed business based on the Six Nations Reserve near Brantford, Ontario. The organization is about restoring Mother Earth holistically, through the collection of native seeds, to seed processing, seed propagation, planting, monitoring and eventually back to healthful biodiversity!

Stop by to visit the 17th Century replica longhouse.

For more information visit www.kayanase.weebly.com or call us at 519-770-0013.


Weddings, birthday parties, family gatherings, or meetings. Her Majesty’s Royal Chapel of the Mohawks has the event space for you. You and your guests will enjoy viewing the historical site, giving your guests an experience to remember. Kitchen space is available with a fridge, stove and moveable island.  The space can hold up to 50 people.

Cultural Coordinator Tourism: (226) 387-2612